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Live Poster (28" x 39")

Image of Live Poster (28" x 39")


This is a HUGE poster of a live picture taken by local arizona punk documentor Danny (Noodz). This was taken at the infamous Fucked Up show. Checking in at 28 inches by 39 inches, this is a real visual attention grabber. You might not have room for it on your wall, but you'll want to take down what ever other meaningless crap you've got up and replace it with this. Only 30 of these exist and only available at the release show. Don't sleep on this because these will SURELY never be remade. Each one is hand stamped by the band and hand numbered by the photographer.

To view Danny's other spectacular pictures, such as spoken word artists Los Crudos, UK Rolling Stones hooligans Cock Sparrer, Performance artists Ghoul and more, visit his website: Http://

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